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Replacement Elements / SOX


Replacement Elements/SOX
You’ve found the right system, now you need the right parts. These replacement parts allow you to continue to wash and polish your systems to standard.

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BD5000/6000/7000/KU65 - Polishing Elements
Replacement polishing elements for the Filtertechnik pot filter on the BD5000, BD6000 and BD7000.  This water and particulate removal element fitlers at 2 micron and removes up to 0.2 gallons of water.  These polishing elements are also suitable for the KU-65 filter and also a suitable replacement for the SDFC line of filter elements.  Part number FPE-002 (sold in cases of six)
Removal Media for the BWC (BWR)
The BWR replacement media for the Continuous Contamination Removal Filter ensures efficient cleaning of any process fluid. The amount of media used is optimized during the filtration process.  As the solids are collected on the BWR filter media, the liquid level rises to a preset level. A level sensor initiates an index cycle and fresh media is indexed displacing a portion of the spent media. The media is then discharged to waste and new BWR media is installed.
Schroeder Meltblown Elements
The Schroeder Meltblown depth filter cartridges and housings are a reliable, versatile and low cost solution to numerous filtration needs. These graded density elements, made from 100% pure polypropylene fibers, offer a high dirt holding capacity. By trapping the larger sized particles on the outside of the element while the smaller particles are trapped closer to the element’s core, these elements can filter as fine as 1µ while still maintaining a low pressure drop. This product line offers various sizes and styles of housings to fit a wide variety of application.
Schroeder SOX
When high dirt load is an issue, look to our sock filter (bag filter) product line - Schroeder SOX - for help.  Schroeder SOX are perfect for filtering waste vegetable oil, feedstocks and processed biodiesel prior to final polishing and filtering.  We are proud to offer some of the most completive prices on the market.  Quick delivery times available on certain model codes.
Z Media Elements
In March 2000, Schroeder replaced its S media with a new generation synthetic Excellement® (Z) media. At every level of filtration from 1m to 25m, the Z media has significantly outperformed its predecessor. The special class of micro-glass and other fibers used in Z media are manufactured with utmost precision, to specific thicknesses and densities, and bonded with select resins to create material with extra fine passages. No other filter media can provide the benefits of Schroeder’s Excellement® Z media: maximum dirt-holding capacity, superior particle capture, minimum pressure drop, high flow rate and low operating cost.
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