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Feedstock Filtration


Feedstock Filtration
Choose from our range of filter cartridges (reusable or disposable) and a range of filter housings to suit all budgets and production levels. Dexter BIodiesel Solutions can supply individual components as well as the complete the filtration systems. Skid mounted units are available in varying sizes. Rugged pump specifications allow for transfer of viscous liquids.
You may also choose from a range of high performance filtration elements in different materials and pore sizes: low cost polypropylene, nylon recleanable and mesh screen are available. Irrespective of your budget and production levels, SchroederBiofuels has a feedstock filtration solution to suit your operation.



Automatic SOX Filtration System (BWA)
This pre-filtration system offers an automated change over for semi-continuous feedstock filtration. Cleanliness monitoring, safety features and a built-in contamination drying process allows for quality removal of dry wash components.
Continuous Contamination Removal Filter (BWC)
The BWC filter is a fully automatic system that ensures efficient cleaning of any process fluid. It optimizes the amount of media used at the same time. The solids are discharged as a cake for easy handling and disposal.  The BWC takes the replacement media for the Continuous Contamination Removal Filter (BWR) which ensures efficient cleaning of any process fluid. The amount of media used is optimized during the filtration process. 





Schroeder Meltblown Housing (BCH)

The Schroeder depth filter cartridges and housings are a reliable, versatile and low cost solution to numerous filtration needs. These graded density elements, made from 100% pure polypropylene fibers, offer a high dirt holding capacity. By trapping the larger sized particles on the outside of the element while the smaller particles are trapped closer to the element’s core, these elements can filter as fine as 1µ while still maintaining a low pressure drop. This product line offers various sizes and styles of housings to fit a wide variety of application











Schroeder SOX Housing (SH)
Schroeder Biofuels offers a complete line of sox filters and housings ready for quick delivery. These sox are available in a variety of sizes with many flange, cover and seam options. The matching housings are available in carbon steel or stainless steel with connection sizes ranging from 1” NPT to 12” ANSI flange and larger. Multi-bag housings are available for applications with a higher flow rate.






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