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Dry Washing


Dry Wash Systems - Magnesol Eco2pure Dry Wash Products
Dexter Biodiesel Solutions Dry Wash units are made of stainless steel. These solid, made-for-purpose filter units provide a double safety seal to ensure there is no migration of potentially harmful contaminant particles and magneseum silicates (like Magnesol) downstream. This unique double seal system together with a high quality consumable element ensures your biodiesel meets or exceeds filtration requirements. Want More Information on Dry Washing? 

Automatic SOX Filtration System (BWA)
This pre-filtration system offers an automated change over for semi-continuous feedstock filtration. Cleanliness monitoring, safety features and a built-in contamination drying process allows for quality removal of dry wash components.

Max. Operating Pressure:
 150 psi (7 bar)
Max Operating Temperature:
 165°F (75°C)
Support Legs:
Lid Closure:
 Swing Bolts
Max Flow:
 up to 2100 gpm (7950 L/min)
Housing Material:
 304S, 316S, 316L
 Buna N, Viton, Teflon

Dry Wash Towers (BWT)
The Semi-continuous batch systems are designed with user friendly technology that is easy to integrate into existing plants.

Flow Range:
   160 gal/hr (600 L/hr) to 
   1902 -3804 gal/hr (7200 - 14,400 L/hr) 
   9 lbs (4 kg) to 178 lbs (80 kg) 
Estimated Max. Production:
   1,305,000 gal (4,893,750 liters) to 
   29,214,000 gal (109,552,500 liters)

Eco2Pure™ Dry Wash Purification Media
Eco2Pure™ is a unique cellulose based, natural and sustainable composition of adsorbent technologies, specifically formulated for biodiesel purification from any feedstock. Eco2Pure™’s composition is designed to optimise purification efficiency and contamination removal, combined with increased flow enhancement charactaristics. Eco2Pure™ is designed to be a filter-free wash process with no consumables in the wash stage. Applied in a continuous flow while purifying biodiesel twice as fast and at half the cost of competing Ion Exchange (IOX) products!
Magnesol D-SOL
Magnesol is specially formulated for Biodiesel purification.  It has a strong affinity for polar compounds which ensures maximum removal of residual glycerin, trace methanol, water, salts, catalyst and soaps.  No water washing means no drying later.  Schroeder is proud to offer the lowest cost bag price in the industry.

Part Number / Description   
 In Stock?
M-45-60 / Magnesol D-Sol 45 lb Bag   
 In Stock
M-50-60 / Magnesol D-Sol 50 lb Bag   
 Coming Soon!

Schroeder SOX Housing (SH)
Dexter Biodiesel Solutions offers a complete line of sox filters and housings ready for quick delivery. These sox are available in a variety of sizes with many flange, cover and seam options. The matching housings are available in carbon steel or stainless steel with connection sizes ranging from 1” NPT to 12” ANSI flange and larger. Multi-bag housings are available for applications with a higher flow rate.

Max. Operating Pressure:
 100 psi (7 bar)
Max. Operating Temp.:
 165°F (75°C)
Support Legs:
Lid Closure:
 Threaded Clamp
Max Flow:
 20 gpm (75 L/min) to 200 gpm (755 L/min)
Housing Volume:
 2.67 gal (6.3 L) to 9.72 gal (33 L)
Empty Weight:
 29 lbs. (13 kg) t0 55 lbs. (25 kg)



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