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De-Moisturizing Systems


De-Moisturizing Systems
The longest standing method for purification is the wet or water wash method. It is a process where a certain percentage of water is added to the crude biodiesel and the water is let to settle. As the water passes through the fuel, it attaches to impurities. (An air wash or bubble wash is sometimes paired with this process to accelerate the water passing through the fuel.) Once settled, the contaminated water is drained off. This process is repeated until the water removed is clear in color. To assure the amount of water being removed meets standards, the addition of the  TestMate Water Sensor (BTWS-C-E) allows you to monitor the amount of moisture in the biodiesel. Once all the water is removed, the remaining clean biodiesel is dried using a BD6000 or other demoisturizing unit and is ready for final quality check.
This purification method works very well; however, with tightening government standards it becomes difficult and costly to treat and dispose of the highly contaminated water. Other concerns may include the cost and effort to dry the emulsified (oil and water in suspension together) fuel once the purification is complete. All of these issues mentioned can vary based on your actual production method, experience and local laws.

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BD5000/6000/7000/KU65 - Polishing Elements
Replacement polishing elements for the Filtertechnik pot filter on the BD5000, BD6000 and BD7000.  This water and particulate removal element fitlers at 2 micron and removes up to 0.2 gallons of water.  These polishing elements are also suitable for the KU-65 filter and also a suitable replacement for the SDFC line of filter elements.  Part number FPE-002 (sold in cases of six)
TestMate™ Water Sensor for Biodiesel (TWS)
The TWS-C is a water and temperature sensor for the continuous monitoring of hydraulic and lubrication fluids - accurately, continuously and on line. It measures the water content relative to the saturation concentration (saturation point) and outputs the degree of saturation (saturation level) in the range of 0 to100% as a 4-20 mA signal.
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