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Cold Clear VS DE

Cold Clear vs Diatomaceous earth (DE)
If you've invested in a system to use Diatomaceous earth (DE) to improve your cold soak filtration (CSFT) numbers and worked through challenges with your feedstock, you may have found yourself finally passing spec for cold soak. As DE is a popular method for filtration in the fuels industry, it only makes sense to use it to remove crystallized biodiesel in attempts of lowering your CSFT number. However, if you are not seeing your CSFT number go below 100, you shouldn't be satisfied -your fuel can perform even better in the cold. Like additives, DE only treats the symptoms of having fuel that "wants" to crystallize at lower temperatures (by removing the crystals that have already formed). In addition, we're hearing from the market that for every pound of DE applied, you can be certain to throw away 1 pound of biodiesel.
Since DE doesn't address the root problem, you'll likely never get far below spec (and be one feedstock change away from being back out of spec again). Our ColdClear adsorption technology addresses the root of cold weather biodiesel issues by removing the compounds that seed and thereby begin crystallization in the fuel. Because the main technology in ColdClear is aimed at only removing these compounds, the resulting yield loss is less than 0.02% and not the 0.5% or more that can be lost using DE.
So, as October 1st approaches and the concerns about cold weather diesel operability ensue, consider ColdClear to exceed your cold weather fuel expectations. If you still don't believe us, contact us about our TBF-CS test where we will take your biodiesel, pass it through our ColdClear technology, report back to you with your expected results and then send you processed fuel back so you can analyze for yourself.



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